The Woodentops : Giant

The Woodentops : Giant (Rough Trade - June 1986)

Released exactly 20 years ago, after some great singles, in the same time and on the same label as "The Queen is Dead", Woodentops' first LP "Giant" is the type of albums we can call a Masterpiece. Although highly acclaimed by the press and getting a cult fanbase, it didn't reach public recognition. Really innovative and visionnary pop it was, mixing Teardrop Explodes' organs with twanging guitars, sustained by punkabilly drums and Rolo's unique verve. After 2 other albums and some exposure on the Asian market, they never confirmed big expectations and disbanded in 1992. Believe it or not, they're reforming for a gig on September 13th @ 100 club London Oxford Street (more info HERE)!!!!

Get your copy of Giant HERE or HERE


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muy bueno

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