Baskervilles are back !

Baskervilles : "Sucré salé" (new song)

Baskervilles are an amazing band based in New York performing very melodic and catchy tunes described as "Belle and Sebastian meets Television Personalities", notably influenced by 60's bands like Left Banke, Kinks and Love. Their wonderful selftitled debut album was one of my favourite 2004 releases , followed in 2005 by a very surprisingly new wave inspired long EP "Midnight", both on Secret Crush label.

BaskervillesBaskervilles : S/T (Secret Crush - 2004)

Well guess what ? Beginning in September, the Baskervilles will be giving away a one fully produced (Mitch Easter) mp3 per month for 14 months !!! Not to be missed !!! The song "Sucré salé" is a kind of frenchy electronic starter, sung by guest chanteuse Fabienne Gérard (Where the hell does she come from ? Any clue Rob ?).

==> Sucré salé (new song) DELETED

Not convinced yet ? Listen to the following title from "Baskervilles" or look at this VIDEO from "Midnight" and order them  HERE or HERE.

==> John Riley And The Housewives Who Love Him

So, keep an eye wide open on both Baskervilles on Myspace and Baskervilles official website.

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Fabienne Gérard Fabienne Gérard is a NYC french teacher. What a nice lesson !

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