The Bugaloos


The Bugaloos : S/T (El records - 2006 - Import)

« The Bugaloos » was an early 70’s successful children U.S. TV programme aired on NBC Channel and created by Sid and Marty Krofft (already well-known earlier for other children-related shows). The Bugaloos were a fake pop band of bugs (with wings and all the rest…) living in the Tranquility Forest along with some other friends. Besides its charming stories, the show was also driven by a bunch of great songs, all written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel (who would later write the famous “Happy Days” theme). At the beginning of this year, our beloved label él records got the marvellous idea to wrap them all in a compilation. A must have, not only for those familiar with the songs…


 "If you become a Bugaloo, there's so much more that you can do to make our world a better place to be..."

è a song : Believe

è official website : www.bugaloos.com

è Buy “The Bugaloos” HERE or HERE

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