Cats on Fire

Cats on Fire : Draw in the Reins EP (Fraction Discs)

The first good news is that Fraction Discs is not only this great swedish mailorder anymore but also a new label signing great bands like Cats on Fire with this new EP, the second release for Fraction.

The second good news is that this new EP is just fantastic ! I linked several weeks ago to the song "Higher Grounds" and was anxiously awaiting the EP to knock at my door. The result is 5 awesome jangling tunes  : "Drawn in the Reins" sounds like poppy Futureheads, "Higher Grounds" is chiseled like a Lucksmiths' song, "The Smell of an Artist" is an instant pop classic à la Ultrasport, "The Cold Hands of great Men" wouldn't have denoted on Pulp's first masterpiece "It" and "Never Land here" reminds me of House of Love's best moments. Truly impressive work !

The third good news is that the Cats will be releasing their debut album on tasty german indie label Marsh-Marigold. To be followed...


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WOw I just love "The smell of an artist" - fantastic song, and a fantastic band too! I really have to buy their EP RIGHT NOW! :-)

Cheers from Allemagne,

Écrit par : Peter | 20/07/2006

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