All my Friends


All my Friends : all my friends get hung up (unsigned)


This talented Glasgow duo, comprised of Garry Hoggan and Alison Eales is not coming from an unidentified black hole. Garry was previously the bassist/organist of California Snow Story, a very promising band who released one EP for Shelflife in 2002 before disappearing (although it seems CSS are now back recording – see the story HERE). Both Garry and Alison also take part in another project called Butcher Boy . This album (their first) is made up of pure, fresh and precious pop sounding a bit like early Club 8 & Acid House Kings stuff, in addition to other stylish and fine-grained numbers à la Jim O'Rourke or Zach Rogue. Bright act ! Now the big question is : WHICH VERY ARTFUL & CLEVER LABEL WILL SIGN THEM ?

==> Count My Blessings

==> More great songs on their Myspace site

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