Bojoura vs Asha Bhosle


Bojoura was a Dutch chanteuse from Den Haag (Holland) discovered in 1967 by Golden Earrings’ George Kooymans. By the end of the sixties, she was the most popular singer in her country where she regularly smashed the polls with some made-to-measure hits, mostly written by Kooymans himself. I just love her deep and melancholic voice and needed to get her compilation CD “Everybody’s Day”. I randomly found it some days ago in the sales section at Fame Music Amsterdam. When listening, I was slightly intriguated by her Donovan’s song “If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium”, from the movie of the same name (1969), faintly reminding me of something else…from my “exotic” years.

The answer is here :

Yeah, that’s one of the most classic and marvellous Bollywood tunes, taken from the movie “Yaadon Ki Baraat” (1973), written by Indian prolific genious R.D. Burman (the man who modernized Bollywood soundtracks in the 70’s, the golden period of Hindi film music) and sung by his wife, the living Legend Asha Bhosle (who playbacked nearly all movies from the 60's to the 80's). Chronologically and musically, there are evidences Burman has been inspired by Donovan’s song…

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:) Thanks for the heads-up on both of these! You have the best music taste :)

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