Harper Lee

He Holds A Flame


Harper Lee : He Holds a Flame (Matinee - Import)

Since his “Sarah” years with Brighter, Keris Howard never changed his basic modus operandi: pastoral guitars, melancholic lyrics and heartbreaking melodies. His 1999 comeback as “Harper Lee”, in duo with Laura Bridge (ex-Hood) on “Matinee” records, proved his best efforts were not only behind him, 2d  album “Everything’s Going to be ok” being one of  2002 music highlights. After an honourable “All Things can be mended” and Keris’ appearance as bass player for “Trembling Blue Stars” (what a surprise!), “Harper Lee” are back with their newest EP “He Holds a Flame”. I knew the formula wouldn’t change and that’s actually what I was expecting : an upbeat sorrowful title song, a jangly redemption ballad “I could be Wrong”, “William Blake”, a perfect typical HL wistful pop song and “Come rest your weary head“ as a sweet romantic closing. Tissues not included…

==> William Blake

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