Bikini Party

“Boutique Chic”: Bikini Party (12” - Stereofiction)


“Bikini Party” is the second episode of the deliciously kitsch thematical 12”series “Boutique Chic” by Georges Deligny (the famous remixer, producer and composer behind Concorde Music Club and Discover). The result is again 4 outstanding tunes oscillating from electro surf (Vegomatic’s “3 bikinis”) to swing  (Minimatic’s “The Oulatumi Dance”) and from cha cha cha (Deligny’s “Monokini ou Bikini”) to 80’s Disco ( “Gérard et Géraldine” by Barcelona's unclassified duo “The Pinker Tones”), the whole package being paired with this specific "French Touch" attitude and these ace 50's graphics.

The Pinker Tones

Next 12” episodes (Lingerie Fine et Belles Dentelles, Chuut…Maison Close, …) are on their way in the following months and it is said the best moments from the “Boutique Chic” series will be compiled on CD some time in 2007…It’s getting hot in here…gonna dive in the pool…

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