Aujourd'hui Madame

Aujourd'hui Madame : "Des Hommes Modernes" (Best kept Secret)

“Songwriter/guitarist coming from France and soon to settle in Lynchburg, VA, seeks lead singer, lead guitarist or keyboard player (Hammond, Fender Rhodes), bassist, and a drummer, into Teenage Fanclub, The Jam, Pernice Brothers, The Smiths... to start a band in September (would like to do gigs and record). Please go and listen to my current band on: www.myspace.com/aujourdhuimme

This ad is from Philippe Lavergne. This Monsieur is at the origin of many French indie outfits (Les Freluquets, Qu4tre, Herzfeld) and collaborated with lots of artists in the past years (Dominique Dalcan, Concorde Music Club, Bill Pritchard,…). His latest incarnation as “Aujourd’hui Madame” is simply the best French thing I’ve heard for a long time! Their cassette “Des Hommes Modernes” released on Italian label “Best Kept Secret” is a collection of infectious pop songs. So it’s a real shame the band has now been put “on hold” and it’s a shame I couldn’t attend their “Farewell Gig” in Paris on July 12th. No doubt Philippe’s musical sensibility will bloom in the US…“Aujourd’hui Madame” is dead, vive “Aujourd’hui madame”!

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bravo "monsieur" !! Continue comme ça mon frère ! t'es en train de devenir un ambassadeur de la frenche toutche...

Écrit par : michael | 20/01/2007

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