The Particles

The Particles : Colour In EP (1979 - Independent Release)

Australian Post-punk ? Apartments, Go-Betweens, Birthday Party, ?

"The Particles existed between 1977 and 1985 and released three great pop singles (the first two were self-released, the last was a very early release for Waterfront Records). Towards the end of their carreer they were being touted as "Sydney's longest running punk band", the irony being that by this time they were completely un-punk...In the late 70's they described themselves as "80's Bubblegum". In the early 80's they toured with the Reels, a very appropriate pairing. Stephen O'Neil, later of The Cannanes, was a member towards the end of the group's existence."

This is taken from the great Compilation "Can't Stop It !", Australian Post Punk 1978-82 (Chapter Music-2005) featuring a fine selection of Aussie bands with previously unreleased tracks, much of them having been forgotten until now. This comp proves how innovative and prolific period it was for the Australian music scene, really stating for the first time its own identity...

Buy it HERE or HERE.

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