Big in Japan (Zoo Records part I)

Big in Japan : From A to Z and Never Again EP (1978 - Zoo Records)

This cult Liverpool band - formed in 1977 by Bill Drummond (later Lori & the Chameleons and KLF), Kevin Ward and Phil Allen, completed with shaven-skulled singer Jayne Casey, Ian Broudie (later Ligntning Seeds), Clive Langer, Holly Johnson (later FGTH) and Dave Balfe (later Teardrop Explodes) - Lhhhhhhh !!! - only officially released 6 tiltles in its existence before splitting in August 1978. This EP was the first release for the visionary label "Zoo Records" (1978-1982) who also had the honour to sign first Teardrop Explodes', Echo and the Bunnymen's and Wild Swans' singles.

5 BIJ tiltles and the above-mentionned singles are all available on the great retrospective compilation "Zoo Uncaged" to be bought HERE.

==> Nothing Special

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amazing You have an amazing taste in music. I am so glad I found your blog, I just can't stop playing this song. Thank you!!! - and more updates please ;)

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