The 1900's

The 1900's : Plume Delivery EP (Parasol Records - Import)

Now we know  that "Citizen's Army Uniform", The Most Awaited LP of the Year, from our romantic faves PAS/CAL , will be released in...January 2007, we absolutely need to find some other vintage shiny pop vibes as compensation ! The 1900's will do. Reminding me as well in some moments of Call & Response and late Camera Obscura, the music of this Chicago ensemble is full of boy/girl harmonies, strings and 60's infected sounds, just making you feel good as Hell ! A grrreat promise...

==> A Coming Age

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Morrissey Live @ Ancienne Belgique 27/08/06

This was the last date for the "Tour of the Tormentors" and a very enjoyable night, despite a semi-reserved audience (except on the Smiths' songs) and the pitiful football-like shouts "Morissai, Morrissai, Morrissai, Oooh aaah". But most important were the songs and Moz' unsurpassed aura. Moments carved forever in our memories...

Couldn't be there ? Watch this :

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Big in Japan (Zoo Records part I)

Big in Japan : From A to Z and Never Again EP (1978 - Zoo Records)

This cult Liverpool band - formed in 1977 by Bill Drummond (later Lori & the Chameleons and KLF), Kevin Ward and Phil Allen, completed with shaven-skulled singer Jayne Casey, Ian Broudie (later Ligntning Seeds), Clive Langer, Holly Johnson (later FGTH) and Dave Balfe (later Teardrop Explodes) - Lhhhhhhh !!! - only officially released 6 tiltles in its existence before splitting in August 1978. This EP was the first release for the visionary label "Zoo Records" (1978-1982) who also had the honour to sign first Teardrop Explodes', Echo and the Bunnymen's and Wild Swans' singles.

5 BIJ tiltles and the above-mentionned singles are all available on the great retrospective compilation "Zoo Uncaged" to be bought HERE.

==> Nothing Special

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The Airfields

laneways, an e.p.

The Airfields : Laneways EP (Humblebee)

Time to talk about this captivating EP from the Toronto band "The Airfields" released earlier this year on Humblebee. These 6 songs instantly make me think about the highly influential "The Wake", cleverly combining Factory's up-beat bass lines (Nowhere Left to Go, Imaginary Stars) with jangling bits (Lonely Hall) and those effete noisy walls (Tracks in the Snow, The Turning of the Leaves) reminiscent of The Jesus & Mary Chain. Fabulous work.

==>To watch : the saddening title "Red Fox"

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The Particles

The Particles : Colour In EP (1979 - Independent Release)

Australian Post-punk ? Apartments, Go-Betweens, Birthday Party, ?

"The Particles existed between 1977 and 1985 and released three great pop singles (the first two were self-released, the last was a very early release for Waterfront Records). Towards the end of their carreer they were being touted as "Sydney's longest running punk band", the irony being that by this time they were completely un-punk...In the late 70's they described themselves as "80's Bubblegum". In the early 80's they toured with the Reels, a very appropriate pairing. Stephen O'Neil, later of The Cannanes, was a member towards the end of the group's existence."

This is taken from the great Compilation "Can't Stop It !", Australian Post Punk 1978-82 (Chapter Music-2005) featuring a fine selection of Aussie bands with previously unreleased tracks, much of them having been forgotten until now. This comp proves how innovative and prolific period it was for the Australian music scene, really stating for the first time its own identity...

Buy it HERE or HERE.

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Check out our latest radio update featuring French Powerpop lost heroes Aujourd'hui Madame, galvanizing combo Twisted Charm, All My Friends' precious pop, Spanish unclassified duo The Pinker Tones, The Hit Parade fabulous comeback, 60's Dutch Icon Bojoura and Harper Lee's pastoral tones.

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Aujourd'hui Madame

Aujourd'hui Madame : "Des Hommes Modernes" (Best kept Secret)

“Songwriter/guitarist coming from France and soon to settle in Lynchburg, VA, seeks lead singer, lead guitarist or keyboard player (Hammond, Fender Rhodes), bassist, and a drummer, into Teenage Fanclub, The Jam, Pernice Brothers, The Smiths... to start a band in September (would like to do gigs and record). Please go and listen to my current band on: www.myspace.com/aujourdhuimme

This ad is from Philippe Lavergne. This Monsieur is at the origin of many French indie outfits (Les Freluquets, Qu4tre, Herzfeld) and collaborated with lots of artists in the past years (Dominique Dalcan, Concorde Music Club, Bill Pritchard,…). His latest incarnation as “Aujourd’hui Madame” is simply the best French thing I’ve heard for a long time! Their cassette “Des Hommes Modernes” released on Italian label “Best Kept Secret” is a collection of infectious pop songs. So it’s a real shame the band has now been put “on hold” and it’s a shame I couldn’t attend their “Farewell Gig” in Paris on July 12th. No doubt Philippe’s musical sensibility will bloom in the US…“Aujourd’hui Madame” is dead, vive “Aujourd’hui madame”!

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The Hit Parade

The Return Of The Hit Parade


The Hit Parade : “The Return of The Hit Parade” (JSH Records)

The Hit Parade has always kept a unique place in a corner of my teenie-weenie heart, especially for all their early singles compiled in the 88’ sublime “With Love From The Hit Parade” (JSH, Vinyl Japan). After almost 10 years of silence, “London’s n°1 Pop Group” came back in 2003 with some singles and has now completed a full LP called “The Return of The Hit Parade” recorded with Ian Catt (St Etienne). Two songs to be heard and downloaded on their Myspace page. Secret Shine…The Orchids…sweet old days are reappearing. File under 60’s pop…

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Bikini Party

“Boutique Chic”: Bikini Party (12” - Stereofiction)


“Bikini Party” is the second episode of the deliciously kitsch thematical 12”series “Boutique Chic” by Georges Deligny (the famous remixer, producer and composer behind Concorde Music Club and Discover). The result is again 4 outstanding tunes oscillating from electro surf (Vegomatic’s “3 bikinis”) to swing  (Minimatic’s “The Oulatumi Dance”) and from cha cha cha (Deligny’s “Monokini ou Bikini”) to 80’s Disco ( “Gérard et Géraldine” by Barcelona's unclassified duo “The Pinker Tones”), the whole package being paired with this specific "French Touch" attitude and these ace 50's graphics.

The Pinker Tones

Next 12” episodes (Lingerie Fine et Belles Dentelles, Chuut…Maison Close, …) are on their way in the following months and it is said the best moments from the “Boutique Chic” series will be compiled on CD some time in 2007…It’s getting hot in here…gonna dive in the pool…

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Harper Lee

He Holds A Flame


Harper Lee : He Holds a Flame (Matinee - Import)

Since his “Sarah” years with Brighter, Keris Howard never changed his basic modus operandi: pastoral guitars, melancholic lyrics and heartbreaking melodies. His 1999 comeback as “Harper Lee”, in duo with Laura Bridge (ex-Hood) on “Matinee” records, proved his best efforts were not only behind him, 2d  album “Everything’s Going to be ok” being one of  2002 music highlights. After an honourable “All Things can be mended” and Keris’ appearance as bass player for “Trembling Blue Stars” (what a surprise!), “Harper Lee” are back with their newest EP “He Holds a Flame”. I knew the formula wouldn’t change and that’s actually what I was expecting : an upbeat sorrowful title song, a jangly redemption ballad “I could be Wrong”, “William Blake”, a perfect typical HL wistful pop song and “Come rest your weary head“ as a sweet romantic closing. Tissues not included…

==> William Blake

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Bojoura vs Asha Bhosle


Bojoura was a Dutch chanteuse from Den Haag (Holland) discovered in 1967 by Golden Earrings’ George Kooymans. By the end of the sixties, she was the most popular singer in her country where she regularly smashed the polls with some made-to-measure hits, mostly written by Kooymans himself. I just love her deep and melancholic voice and needed to get her compilation CD “Everybody’s Day”. I randomly found it some days ago in the sales section at Fame Music Amsterdam. When listening, I was slightly intriguated by her Donovan’s song “If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium”, from the movie of the same name (1969), faintly reminding me of something else…from my “exotic” years.

The answer is here :

Yeah, that’s one of the most classic and marvellous Bollywood tunes, taken from the movie “Yaadon Ki Baraat” (1973), written by Indian prolific genious R.D. Burman (the man who modernized Bollywood soundtracks in the 70’s, the golden period of Hindi film music) and sung by his wife, the living Legend Asha Bhosle (who playbacked nearly all movies from the 60's to the 80's). Chronologically and musically, there are evidences Burman has been inspired by Donovan’s song…

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All my Friends


All my Friends : all my friends get hung up (unsigned)


This talented Glasgow duo, comprised of Garry Hoggan and Alison Eales is not coming from an unidentified black hole. Garry was previously the bassist/organist of California Snow Story, a very promising band who released one EP for Shelflife in 2002 before disappearing (although it seems CSS are now back recording – see the story HERE). Both Garry and Alison also take part in another project called Butcher Boy . This album (their first) is made up of pure, fresh and precious pop sounding a bit like early Club 8 & Acid House Kings stuff, in addition to other stylish and fine-grained numbers à la Jim O'Rourke or Zach Rogue. Bright act ! Now the big question is : WHICH VERY ARTFUL & CLEVER LABEL WILL SIGN THEM ?

==> Count My Blessings

==> More great songs on their Myspace site

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