Ferns : "Disaster Strikes Again" from their debut album "On Botany" due out very very soon

After the marvellous Serenaide, here is another promising act from Malaysia, about to - finally - release a long delayed first album on Fruit Records. This very seducing new song on their Myspace page, along with the older "Dear Derelict", is a foretaste of what we can expect : sweet windy vocals rustling in the leaves of full blooming music trees...Picking season is getting nearer...

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Les frontières de l'indiepop Joli morceau !
Mais jusqu'où reculeront les frontières de l'indiepop ?
A quand un groupe Papou fortement influencé par Sonic Youth ou un groupe Afghan qui sonne comme The Frank & Walters ?

Écrit par : Michel | 08/09/2006

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