Boyracer : A Punch Up The Bracket (555 recs - Import)

Stewart Anderson doesnt kerr if his band only sell maybe 200 copies of this new CD instead of 5000 (which at one point he actually did with the first album on Slumberland and the singles on Sarah). After more than 15 years, he doesn't have anything left to prove on that level : he's travelled all over the world, collaborated with so many musicians, played maybe 1000 shows, has written great songs, is running a label (555)...Yet it's obvious that, with this 8th album, Stewart and his mate Jen have reached another level in the field of production and vocals. The songwriting is still very strong too with those characterictic 2 minutes' noisy clever pop melodies...

And it has to be known Boyracer is responsible for the Best Punk Album of this New Century, the wonderful 2002' comeback LP "To Get a better Hold you've got to loosen yr Grip", which, 4 years later, still didn't get the opportunity to be deleted from my bedside...

To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Yr Grip

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Punch Need to order this right now !

Écrit par : Jaime | 11/09/2006

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