Marianne Mendt

Marianne Mendt : Wie A Glock'n (EMI Austria-1970)

"Wie A Glock'n..." ("Like a Bell"), Marianne Mendt's smashing debut single is still her shining moment. Over the years it became something like a German Mod Classic, a sure fire floor-filler at any In-Kraut party of distinction. Austrian-born Mendt started her career as a jazz singer and piano/bass player with The Internationals and other touring bands. Songwriter/comedian Gerhard Bonner discovered Marianne at a concert in Vienna, and she was quickly signed to a solo deal at EMI Austria...In 1971 "The Girl from Vienna" represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin"

Taken from the splendid compilation "The In-Kraut" released on Marina Records (2005), featuring 20 rare and handpicked Soul, Beat, Now Sound, Mod & Soundtrack gems from Germany - recorded between 1966 and 1974.


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