Bears : S/T (Unsigned)


I do not remember exactly how and when I heard Bears for the first time but I remember the song very clearly: it was “Still Alright”, a very quiet & saddening xylo-clothed pop moment, and this convinced more than enough to - almost blindly - order the album HERE. Hope you’ll do the same caus’ this Cleveland unsigned duo’s debut is shining, fluttering and sparkling from start to finish line, distilling unpretentious but so lovely melodies you’d believe they always existed. Think of Hidden Cameras, Elliot Smith, All my Friends, Shins… and you’ll get a focused picture of what you can expect… or better, listen to the 4 songs on their Myspace page and you’ll see the light…


 => A song : "Everywhere"

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. Bonjour,

Plongé dans la nouvelle tweepop suédoise et autre...J'ai naturellement flashé sur cette chanson des Bears 'Still alright'.

Merci pour cette découverte.

Écrit par : SwansonG | 02/10/2006

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