Bears : S/T (Unsigned)


I do not remember exactly how and when I heard Bears for the first time but I remember the song very clearly: it was “Still Alright”, a very quiet & saddening xylo-clothed pop moment, and this convinced more than enough to - almost blindly - order the album HERE. Hope you’ll do the same caus’ this Cleveland unsigned duo’s debut is shining, fluttering and sparkling from start to finish line, distilling unpretentious but so lovely melodies you’d believe they always existed. Think of Hidden Cameras, Elliot Smith, All my Friends, Shins… and you’ll get a focused picture of what you can expect… or better, listen to the 4 songs on their Myspace page and you’ll see the light…


 => A song : "Everywhere"

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Shimura Curves

Do you like mellow harmonies without testosterone and kitshy laptop sounds ? Mmmh these 4 chicks from Shimura Curves are made to be loved by you ! They just released their new single "Stronger" on Brainlove Records and 3 other cute songs can be downloaded from  their Myspace Page !

Their song "Noyfriend" is an extract from the new comp "The Kids at the Club - An Indiepop Compilation" released on How Does it Feel to Be Loved label featuring great acts like Tender Trap, Pocketbooks, Voxtrot, Language of Flowers, I'm from Barcelona...

Bonus video : I'm from Barcelona : We're from Barcelona (song also featured in the above mentioned comp.)

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In the pipeline...

1) Dyrdin

The new selftitled CD from icelandic indiepopers Dyrdin, released October 3rd, is available on pre-order directly from Skipping Stones Records

2) CD86

Cover of ‘CD86: 48 Tracks From The Birth Of Indie Pop’ by Various Artists

Good news for all C86 afficionados : a new comp.called "CD86 : 48 tracks from the Birth of Indie Pop" will be released October 23rd on Castle Records to celebrate the 20 years of the C86 NME compilation. Here is the brilliant "déjà vu" tracklisting :

Another Sunny Day - Anorak City / BMX Bandits - E102 / Bodines - Therese / Boy Hairdressers - Golden Shower / Chesterfields - Ask Johnny Dee / Dentists - I Had An Excellent Dream / East Village - Vibrato / Hurrah - Around And Around / Jasmine Minks - Cut Me Deep / June Brides - Sunday To Saturday / Mighty Mighty - Everybody Knows The Monkey / Primal Scream - Velocity Girl / Raw Herbs - He Blows In / Razorcuts - I'll Still Be There / Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine / Siddeleys - What Went Wrong This Time / Talulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh / The Clouds - Get Out Of My Dream / The Hit Parade - You Didn't Love Me Then / The Loft - Why Does The Rain / The Servants - The Sun A Small Star / TV Personalities - Paradise Estate / Weather Prophets - Like Frankie Lymon / Wishing Stones - Beat Girl / 14 Iced Bears - Come Get Me / Age Of Chance - Bible Of The Beats / Big Flame - Why Popstars Can't Dance / Close Lobsters - Just Too Bloody Stupid / Darling Buds - If I Said / Fizzbombs - Sign On The Line / Flatmates - I Could Be In Heaven / Half Man Half Biscuit - Dukla Prague Away Kit / Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down / McCarthy - Frans Hals / Meat Whiplash - Don't Slip Up / Mighty Lemon Drops - Like An Angel / Pooh Sticks - On Tape / Pop Will Eat Itself - Black Country Chainsaw Massacre / Primitives - Really Stupid / Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers Are In The Sky / Shop Assistants - Safety Net / Soup Dragons - Whole Wide World / The Bachelor Pad - Jack And Julian / The Groove Farm - It Always Rains On Sunday / The Pastels - Baby Honey / This Poison - Poised Over The Pause Button / Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait / Wolfhounds - Anti Midas Touch

3) Ultrasport

The "Crème de la crème" from Finland is coming back with 4 very surprising new tracks - from their upcoming album "False Start City"- uploaded on their Myspace Page.

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Marianne Mendt

Marianne Mendt : Wie A Glock'n (EMI Austria-1970)

"Wie A Glock'n..." ("Like a Bell"), Marianne Mendt's smashing debut single is still her shining moment. Over the years it became something like a German Mod Classic, a sure fire floor-filler at any In-Kraut party of distinction. Austrian-born Mendt started her career as a jazz singer and piano/bass player with The Internationals and other touring bands. Songwriter/comedian Gerhard Bonner discovered Marianne at a concert in Vienna, and she was quickly signed to a solo deal at EMI Austria...In 1971 "The Girl from Vienna" represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin"

Taken from the splendid compilation "The In-Kraut" released on Marina Records (2005), featuring 20 rare and handpicked Soul, Beat, Now Sound, Mod & Soundtrack gems from Germany - recorded between 1966 and 1974.


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Pipas : Sorry Love (Long Lost Cousin - Import)

Four years after hearing Lupe and Mark for the first time, can't stop thinking of them as the tweeest band in the world... I mean, Lupe's voice is just the bittersweetest grainy voice you could imagine and Pipas' music is just the freshest, chidlishest, papapa-est and most versatile pop you could ever dream of.

However, listening to the 10 songs from the brand new "Sorry Love", I'll have to stop using superlatives... I mean, this LP is fresher, childisher, papapa-er, more versatile - and briefer :((( - than ever...

Riff Raff, the video  ... Laaa La La La La La Laaaaaaaa

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Boyracer : A Punch Up The Bracket (555 recs - Import)

Stewart Anderson doesnt kerr if his band only sell maybe 200 copies of this new CD instead of 5000 (which at one point he actually did with the first album on Slumberland and the singles on Sarah). After more than 15 years, he doesn't have anything left to prove on that level : he's travelled all over the world, collaborated with so many musicians, played maybe 1000 shows, has written great songs, is running a label (555)...Yet it's obvious that, with this 8th album, Stewart and his mate Jen have reached another level in the field of production and vocals. The songwriting is still very strong too with those characterictic 2 minutes' noisy clever pop melodies...

And it has to be known Boyracer is responsible for the Best Punk Album of this New Century, the wonderful 2002' comeback LP "To Get a better Hold you've got to loosen yr Grip", which, 4 years later, still didn't get the opportunity to be deleted from my bedside...

To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Yr Grip

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Ferns : "Disaster Strikes Again" from their debut album "On Botany" due out very very soon

After the marvellous Serenaide, here is another promising act from Malaysia, about to - finally - release a long delayed first album on Fruit Records. This very seducing new song on their Myspace page, along with the older "Dear Derelict", is a foretaste of what we can expect : sweet windy vocals rustling in the leaves of full blooming music trees...Picking season is getting nearer...

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Theoretical Girl

Theoretical Girl : It's all Too Much (Fake Product)

Not to mix up with NY No Wave icons "Theoretical Girls", this is a pure contemporary act : one girl, one guitar, one drum machine...minimalism-schyzophrenism at its best...

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