Massive radio update !!!



Do not miss the new radio playlist (yeah here on the right side ==> ) featuring twee gods “Pipas”, cult super-group “Big in Japan”, Erlend Oye’s latest incarnation “The Whitest Boy Alive”,  Icelandic indiepopers “Dyrdin”, schizophrenic “Theoretical Girls” sound, kraut icon “Marianne Mendt”, sarah records’ style Toronto band “The Airfields”, French powerpop outfit “Dodes K’ Den”,  a piece of “Tap Tap”s’ brilliant debut, romantic faves “The 1900’s”, “Scanners”’ haunting & dramatic single, eternal frenchie pop child “Hugo”, “The Indelicates”’ folk rock cabaret, Asia’s next sensation “Ferns” and all-time punkers “Boyracer!!!!

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