Sally vs Valérie


Sally Shapiro : I'll be by your Side (12" - Diskokaine)

Listen to some good old Italo Disco tunes, be in a very inspirational mood and find the perfect person to sing the song you just miraculously wrote in 2 hours time... That’s what happened to Johan Angebjörn with this fantastic tune he released in May 2006 as a 12” version on Diskokaine (the other 2 songs "Time to let go" and "Overload" are unbelievably great too).

It’s obvious we’re in a “renaissance of the Italo Disco genre” period: hype DJ’s need to spin some original hits (My Mine, Miko Mission, Fox the Fox…) and many electro artists are deliberately ID inspired nowadays. But, being quite close to Annie's stuff, “I’ll be by your Side” is far from being opportunistic, it’s just a perfect contemporary homage song capturing the soul of Italo Disco Goddesses Vivian Vee and Valerie Dore. Not less...

Available everywhere around the world e.g www.warprecords.com (UK), www.vinyldj.com (US) or www.lowlands.be (Belgium).

Rhmmm, Valérie, would you mind.... ?

Valérie Dore : The Night (1984)

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