The Thermals


The Thermals : The Body the Blood the Machine (Sub Pop)

Once again it has been a great year for the Sub Pop label with such good releases as Band of Horses and Cansei de Ser Sexy. But this 3rd album from The Thermals is driving my excitement even higher. Some may say they’re always using the same music patterns and that’s right, but the thing is, since their astonishing heady 2003’debut, this is no more and no less than one of the hottest and strongest band around and this opus will not reverse the statement. Not to mention that seeing them live is a very cathartic and stimulating experience... “The Body the Blood the Machine” is a sort of concept-album whose tale consists of a Christian totalitarian regime leading America to a nearly-apocalypse. Well, folks, still time to get the f**k out of there!

The Thermals : "Pillar of Salt"

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