PAS/CAL : Dear Sir EP (Preorder – Le Grand Magistery – Release 07/11)


Hardly after two EP’s on Le Grand Magistery and two 12’’split singles on their own label Romantic Air, Detroit band PAS/CAL has already achieved a cult-status in my tender beating heart. This avant-garde mixture of multi-hooked melodies, elegant  instrumentation and immaculate vocal harmonies is precisely what indiepop needs nowadays to stay clear from any sedentary narcissism…

The third EP “Dear Sir” is now available for preorder via Darla.

Track listing : 1) Little Red Radio, 2) C.A.V. (Sans Muscle), 3) Dear Sir, 4) The Lot We Came Home With, 6) Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up.

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Pas/Cal goes Chocolate Is this Willy Wonka ?

Écrit par : Jaime | 18/10/2006

Chouette ! Un autre fan de PAS/CAL !!!
Ils ont aussi une place à part dans mon "tender beating heart" ! :)
Leur dernier EP est magnifique !!

Écrit par : François | 30/10/2006

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