My Little Airport


My Little Airport signed on Elefant

Well, this is quite amazing news that our Hong-Kong darlings have been signed on the Spanish label, which was somewhat goo-gooing on the Eastern side recently. It is manifest their innocent marshmallow electro-pop and cute naive melodies will fit like a silky glove to the Elefant catalogue. Furthermore they will now benefit from a well deserved worldwide distribution... The major disillusion for the early fans is that their first release on the label, due in December, will not be more than a 14 songs’ album compiling “the best moments” of their 2 Harbour Records’ previous albums…

==> "Victor, Fly Me to Stafford (2004)"

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Eeee! That's fantastic news. :)

Écrit par : Marianthi | 12/09/2007

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