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My Name In Lights

My Name In Lights only have 2 demo songs on their website, they are recording some more stuff at the moment but they don’t have any releases on the way just yet. However, this is more than enough to understand there’s something very special going on with this brand new sextet from Sussex. “Lashes” introduces MNIL as the perfect symbiosis between 60’s girl group pop and surf music while “I lost my scarf in Ljubljana” confirms the feeling as if The Rezillo’s were having a psychobilly party…stunning !

Nearly all band members have been in other bands : Jim, the bass player is also in Lolita Storm who used to be on Digital Hardcore records ; Paul, one of the guitarists, is also in a blues band called Mudlow and Sputnik also drums in a surf band the Surfin' Lungs, who are signed to Wild Punk Records. Dark-haired lead singer Tamsin has never been famous before though!

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well tamsin had better get ready for being famous 'cos the time is ripe!


Écrit par : joshy | 15/12/2006

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