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The Embassy : Tacking (Service)

At the time I was having a look at the Service label for some modern crooner called Rocky Dennis (later known as Jens Lekman), I never paid attention to this labelmate band, who already was a little phenomenon in Sweden with their 2002 debut album. So I'm discovering them with this 2nd LP for which I'm instantly falling in love ! This is pure electroacoustic pop (à la New Order, St Etienne or even Happy Mondays) coupled with this peculiar Scandinavian touch, bringing a sense of irony and a special melodic gesture (think SKWBN or Jens Lekman). Own this and buy it HERE !

The Embassy : "Stage Persona"

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You should also try their ex-label mates : The Tough Alliance and especially their last effort : New Chance.
http://www.sincerelyyours.se/yours0039.html to catch a glimpse of it.

Écrit par : Pierre | 15/06/2007

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