The Embassy


The Embassy : Tacking (Service)

At the time I was having a look at the Service label for some modern crooner called Rocky Dennis (later known as Jens Lekman), I never paid attention to this labelmate band, who already was a little phenomenon in Sweden with their 2002 debut album. So I'm discovering them with this 2nd LP for which I'm instantly falling in love ! This is pure electroacoustic pop (à la New Order, St Etienne or even Happy Mondays) coupled with this peculiar Scandinavian touch, bringing a sense of irony and a special melodic gesture (think SKWBN or Jens Lekman). Own this and buy it HERE !

The Embassy : "Stage Persona"

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Francine Lainé


Francine Lainé : Lolitissimo (Riviera-Barclay 1970)

As far as I know, this is the one and only 45rpm released by this mysterious blonde woman, who's mainly known as a dubbing actress for animated movies (what a wastefulness !). And yeah, this music, these arrangements…that’s the unclassifiable Mister André Popp, the pioneer mad doctor who composed for such sweeties as Jeanette, Marie Laforêt, Astrud Gilberto and Claudine Longet but also wrote some cult soundtracks (Babar, Tintin...), great instrumental pieces such as “Mon cinéma et moi” or the famous “Piccolo, Saxo et Compagnie”, a symphonic tale for children…

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My Name in Lights



My Name In Lights

My Name In Lights only have 2 demo songs on their website, they are recording some more stuff at the moment but they don’t have any releases on the way just yet. However, this is more than enough to understand there’s something very special going on with this brand new sextet from Sussex. “Lashes” introduces MNIL as the perfect symbiosis between 60’s girl group pop and surf music while “I lost my scarf in Ljubljana” confirms the feeling as if The Rezillo’s were having a psychobilly party…stunning !

Nearly all band members have been in other bands : Jim, the bass player is also in Lolita Storm who used to be on Digital Hardcore records ; Paul, one of the guitarists, is also in a blues band called Mudlow and Sputnik also drums in a surf band the Surfin' Lungs, who are signed to Wild Punk Records. Dark-haired lead singer Tamsin has never been famous before though!

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My Little Airport


My Little Airport signed on Elefant

Well, this is quite amazing news that our Hong-Kong darlings have been signed on the Spanish label, which was somewhat goo-gooing on the Eastern side recently. It is manifest their innocent marshmallow electro-pop and cute naive melodies will fit like a silky glove to the Elefant catalogue. Furthermore they will now benefit from a well deserved worldwide distribution... The major disillusion for the early fans is that their first release on the label, due in December, will not be more than a 14 songs’ album compiling “the best moments” of their 2 Harbour Records’ previous albums…

==> "Victor, Fly Me to Stafford (2004)"

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Charles de Goal

Charles de Goal : Algorythmes (1981 - New Rose)

Après la réédition CD de son album référence "Algorythmes" (1981) en 2005 sur Garage/Wagram, le Général  sans visage, incarnation de la cold wave française, n'oublie pas de venir saluer ses amis belges dans le cadre de son grand retour sur scène et ce, avec ses ex-acolytes du label New Rose, Warum Joe. Merci Mon Général.

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PAS/CAL : Dear Sir EP (Preorder – Le Grand Magistery – Release 07/11)


Hardly after two EP’s on Le Grand Magistery and two 12’’split singles on their own label Romantic Air, Detroit band PAS/CAL has already achieved a cult-status in my tender beating heart. This avant-garde mixture of multi-hooked melodies, elegant  instrumentation and immaculate vocal harmonies is precisely what indiepop needs nowadays to stay clear from any sedentary narcissism…

The third EP “Dear Sir” is now available for preorder via Darla.

Track listing : 1) Little Red Radio, 2) C.A.V. (Sans Muscle), 3) Dear Sir, 4) The Lot We Came Home With, 6) Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up.

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The French Mademoiselle


Jacqueline Taïeb : DVD "77 minutes de bonheur avec Jacqueline Taiëb" (Productions Spéciales - Déc 2005)

Beaucoup connaissent la « French Mademoiselle » pour ses quelques petits bijoux sortis fin des années 60, au travers d’artistes qui la citent ou la reprennent (April March, Little Rabbits, Hush Puppies, Mareva, Tahiti 80…) ou encore pour ses concerts organisés récemment par quelques nostalgiques amstellodamois…mais sait-on vraiment de quoi fut tissée sa carrière ? Le DVD « 77’ de bonheur avec Jacqueline Taïeb » fait plus que nous aiguiller sur le sujet ! Sous forme d’interview ludique réalisée avec les moyens du bord et des archives personnelles, Miss Taïeb revient en image et en musique sur son parcours de chanteuse-auteur-compositeur : la période « Peace and Love », les influences arabes, les voyages, les collaborations (Fugain, Stone, Montand…), les projets musicaux, les musiques de films, et le tube « Ready to follow you » pour Dana Dawson (500.000 singles vendus). Au-delà des nombreuses anecdotes, on retiendra tout d’abord une carrière en dents de scie mais aussi et surtout l’image d’une artiste atypique, passionnée, attachante et pétrie d’humour… Ne t’en va pas Jacqueline !


Everybody knows « The French Mademoiselle » for her 60’s nuggets but the rest of her career remains partially unknown. The DVD “77’ de bonheur avec Jacqueline Taïeb” (with English Subtitles !) is just the perfect way to make up for lost episodes. From the French collaborations (Montand, Stone, Fugain…) to 1986’ Dana Dawson’s hit single “Ready to follow you” (500.000 copies sold) and from her movie soundtracks to her latest album “Jacqueline Taieb is back”, we discover a truly atypical, funny, passionate and endearing personality… Don’t go away Jacqueline !


==> "Ce soir je m'en vais"




Daniel Darc : Nouvelle collaboration

Curiosité du jour :

Pour ceux qui aiment Daniel Darc, et Dieu sait s'ils ne sont jamais assez nombreux, découvrez sa nouvelle collaboration en date (après un excellent titre pour Marc Lavoine et un autre pour Elisa Tovati), en l'occurence avec un certain Thierry Amiel issu de la Nouvelle Star Xème génération. Au final un single accrocheur intitulé "Coeur Sacré" aux sonorités très "Crève Coeur" visionnable ICI. On te savait jaloux de Mirwais et courtisé par Universal Daniel, mais là, vraiment, tu nous bluffes encore !

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The Thermals


The Thermals : The Body the Blood the Machine (Sub Pop)

Once again it has been a great year for the Sub Pop label with such good releases as Band of Horses and Cansei de Ser Sexy. But this 3rd album from The Thermals is driving my excitement even higher. Some may say they’re always using the same music patterns and that’s right, but the thing is, since their astonishing heady 2003’debut, this is no more and no less than one of the hottest and strongest band around and this opus will not reverse the statement. Not to mention that seeing them live is a very cathartic and stimulating experience... “The Body the Blood the Machine” is a sort of concept-album whose tale consists of a Christian totalitarian regime leading America to a nearly-apocalypse. Well, folks, still time to get the f**k out of there!

The Thermals : "Pillar of Salt"

Check out also the Terminal Sales Vol 2 sampler series inviting you to hear what Sub Pop's imaginary kitchen has been cooking in the very real 2006...




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Gamine : Revisité 1980/1986 (Art Pop 2005)

You could be whether irritated or captivated by Paul Felix’s voice but you can’t deny the obvious : Paco Rodriguez’ guitar sustains comparison with Maurice Deebank. Unfairly forgotten and neglected since then, the band GAMINE from Bordeaux France was discovered in 1988 with the wonderful album “Voilà Les Anges” (Barclay), one of all-time best French Pop LP’s. This essay was preceded by a bunch of autoproduced or independently released 7” and 12”, all miraculously brought together end of 2005 on the CD “Gamine Revisité 1980/1986” (Art Pop). This comp gives evidences that Gamine undoubtedly was the first band of the Hexagone to brilliantly combine French singing with fine-cut & refined English pop.


On pourra soit être crispé, soit être envouté par la voix de Paul Félix, mais on ne pourra certainement pas nier ceci : la guitare de Paco Rodriguez n’a rien à envier à celle de Maurice Deebank. Injustement tombés dans l'oubli depuis, les Bordelais de GAMINE furent découverts avec "Voilà Les Anges" (Barclay) en 1988. Cet album, l’un des meilleurs albums français de tous les temps, fut pourtant précédé d'une série de 45t et de maxis, enregistrés en autoproduction ou pour des labels indépendants, et miraculeusement regroupés sur le CD "Gamine Revisité 1980/1986"(Art Pop) fin 2005. Cette compilation prouve, si besoin en était encore, que Gamine fut sans conteste le premier groupe de l’Hexagone à allier avec autant de brio chant français et pop ciselée à l’anglaise, beaucoup trop précieuse peut-être pour les oreilles de l'époque.


==> Acheter ICI or Buy HERE


==> "Shandy Street"

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Sally vs Valérie


Sally Shapiro : I'll be by your Side (12" - Diskokaine)

Listen to some good old Italo Disco tunes, be in a very inspirational mood and find the perfect person to sing the song you just miraculously wrote in 2 hours time... That’s what happened to Johan Angebjörn with this fantastic tune he released in May 2006 as a 12” version on Diskokaine (the other 2 songs "Time to let go" and "Overload" are unbelievably great too).

It’s obvious we’re in a “renaissance of the Italo Disco genre” period: hype DJ’s need to spin some original hits (My Mine, Miko Mission, Fox the Fox…) and many electro artists are deliberately ID inspired nowadays. But, being quite close to Annie's stuff, “I’ll be by your Side” is far from being opportunistic, it’s just a perfect contemporary homage song capturing the soul of Italo Disco Goddesses Vivian Vee and Valerie Dore. Not less...

Available everywhere around the world e.g www.warprecords.com (UK), www.vinyldj.com (US) or www.lowlands.be (Belgium).

Rhmmm, Valérie, would you mind.... ?

Valérie Dore : The Night (1984)

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The Motifs

The Motifs : Strictly limited Album due in October on Music Is My Girlfriend
These Pipas' long lost cousins :)) from Melbourne Australia have the sort of homemade cute sounds that will let you think they're very very close to you...
Play & download HERE and wait a few more days to order the album in a grrrreat packaging...

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Marble : BAM !  (7" - Massproduktion)

Joan Jett revival from Sweden

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Crystal Castles


Crystal Castles : Alice Practice (7"" Merok)

On the Merok label that also signed the Klaxons. 8 bit sounds on EBM-like framework. Very trash (Alice Practice), very Atari (Dolls) very obsessive (Air War). Game over.

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Massive radio update !!!



Do not miss the new radio playlist (yeah here on the right side ==> ) featuring twee gods “Pipas”, cult super-group “Big in Japan”, Erlend Oye’s latest incarnation “The Whitest Boy Alive”,  Icelandic indiepopers “Dyrdin”, schizophrenic “Theoretical Girls” sound, kraut icon “Marianne Mendt”, sarah records’ style Toronto band “The Airfields”, French powerpop outfit “Dodes K’ Den”,  a piece of “Tap Tap”s’ brilliant debut, romantic faves “The 1900’s”, “Scanners”’ haunting & dramatic single, eternal frenchie pop child “Hugo”, “The Indelicates”’ folk rock cabaret, Asia’s next sensation “Ferns” and all-time punkers “Boyracer!!!!

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