la Variété by Weekend



la Variété by Weekend (Rough Trade 1982 - Reedition on Cherry Red 2006)

La Variété” is the French term for diversity and this is what this classic album is all about… Back in 1982, following the mysterious dissolution of Young Marble Giants, while the Moxham Bros reunite as “The Gist”, Alison Statton forms WEEKEND with Simon Booth and Spike. The result is “LA VARIETE”, a sort of brilliant improvisation combining strings, afro-rythms, lite jazz and atmospheric moods, a total counterpoint to the minimalist YMG masterpiece “Colossal Youth”. This is not the first time the album is reedited on CD (Rough Trade & Vinyl Japan did it before) but the wondrous idea here is to add as bonus tracks the demos of 3 songs (sounding very YMG !) plus the great 7” and 12” preceding the album (A view from her Room, Past Meets Present, Drum Beat for Baby,…). Tasty return in the past.

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this album is extraordinary

Écrit par : mk | 06/11/2006

dans mes cartons... Bonjour,
Je conserve précieusement ce vinyle pour la pochette que je trouve oririginale mais il ne tourne plus depuis belle lurette, 24 ans en fait !!

Écrit par : Lucie Gagné | 09/12/2006

This has to be one of my favourites, I was delighted to see it came out on CD again this year.

Écrit par : brendan | 10/01/2007

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