Blam Blam Blam


Blam Blam Blam : “There is no Depression in New-Zealand” (7” on Propeller – 1981)


The lightning-existence of the band BLAM BLAM BLAM  is deeply linked to both musical and political New-Zealand History. Born in 1980 from the ashes of The Wizzkids an The Plague, at a golden time and in a country where many independent labels (Ripper, Reaction, Propeller, REM, Flying Nun…) were coming to life – after a moribund decade -, the trio quickly signed to Propeller Records. Behind their first eponym EP, they released the single “There is no Depression in New-Zealand”, a song that became an almost-national anthem during the 1981 Anti-Springbok Tour  protests and riots. Shortly after their 1982 debut Album, the band sadly disintegrated following a serious van crash. It is beyond question Blam Blam Blam  highly influenced all of the next-to-come-world-breaking NZ indie scene…


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