Peachy Little Secrets

Peachy Little Secrets...a fruit records compilation

Third release for beloved Fruit records label, and this time it is a special world tour trip for twee boys & girls, featuring unreleased tracks, unsigned stuff, Asia’s fine fleur, classic international acts and pure discoveries, old or new : bands from fruit catalogue (Serenaide, Ferns), popular asian acts (Mocca, Annemarie - see video below -, The Marshmallow Kisses, My Little Airport with the wonderful demo of “Je pense à toi” becoming “Japan ‘Sut Gua”), swedish acts (Ingenting from Labrador label and too-short-living band The Castavetes), well-known international pop bands ( Lucksmiths from Australia, La Casa Azul from Spain, My Favorite from USA), totally unknown – as far as I’m concerned-  asian outfits (the very funny Odfellows, Sally Faerie, 1900 Yesterday, Couple, My Writes, Purplepaige, the Monophones), promising brazilian act Luisa Mandou Um Beijo - see great video below - and finally, Little Name from UK, a talented one-man project previously heard on Indiepages demo section. The most heterogeneous AND homogeneous comp of the year…get it now in the fruit basket !


==> Annemarie : "Apple"

Luisa Mandou Um Beijo : "Amarelinha"

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