Language of Flowers


Language of Flowers : You're the One (from The Kids at the Club Compilation)

"Language of Flowers" was a song on Pale Saints' first album and is also the name of this talented outfit from UK. Their debut album on Shelflife records was one of the best 2004' discoveries and the song Tara Mascara has now become a classic indie anthem.

"You're the One" is part of the great indiepop compilation "The Kids at the Club" released some months ago on How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label. The song never sounded right to be included in the 2004 album and has been re-released many times before this final version.

This post is especially dedicated to the person who stole my laptop last week...

Language of Flowers - You're the One

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Thanks for the song, how did the person steal your laptop??

Écrit par : Lush | 09/12/2006

F***ing home robbery...

Écrit par : Popncherries | 11/12/2006

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