The Happy Couple


The Happy Couple : Happy Times & Petty Crimes compilation (Quince Records)

Thomas Hilverkus and Johanna Maier (aka Janehoney) from Germany are what we call "Music Mates", having a common love for "The Pop Moment". In 2002, they created the marvellous Félicité Single Club (with an él in it yeaahhh), releasing some stylishly packaged collector 7" with cult artists as King of Luxembourg, The Catalysts and Roy Moller.

In the same time, they formed The Happy Couple, releasing their first highly acclaimed EP "Four Seasons"on their own label. 2005 saw the release of their second EP "Fools in Love"on the lovely Matinée label (in collaboration with B&S' Stevie Jackson) and earlier this year, they recorded a third confidential "Song for the Troubadour" CDEP. This compilation on the Japanese label Quince gives us the opportunity to get the 3 EP's reunited, confirming the duo sweet tendencies for tasteful, fragile, jangly twee pop.  One of the best Xmas gifts I could imagine...



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