The Daisy Chain


The Daisy Chain: "Straight or Lame" (United International-1967) - Great 60's-all-songwriter-girl-bands part I

This is not the latest Stereolab e-single, this is "Zzotto" taken from "Straight of Lame", the 1967 - and only - album by The Daisy Chain, a legendary obscure female foursome from Orange County, California. This ultra-rare psych-garage album, reissued in 2005 on Sundazed Records, is proving that an all-songwriter-girl combo could do something drop-dead cool in those years,  ruled by flower power teenage boys. Rosemary, Camille, Shel Le and Dee Dee Lea have accomplished here a very weird but charming one-shot diversified project, oscillating from Soul to Garage and from Pop to Psych, and, as you can hear, the carrier waves from that seism are still being felt today...

==> The Daisy Chain : Zzotto

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This is wonderful ! Thanks Monsieur P 'n C !
Best Wishes !

Écrit par : Nathan, Austin TX | 28/12/2006

D'accord biensur!

Écrit par : Jay | 09/01/2007

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