Math and Physics Club


Math and Physics Club : S/T (Matinée)


This highly awaited debut album from Seattle’s latest indie sensation Math and Physics Club is very insidious and need some come-backs to perceive all its reliefs (and no need to have been in a polytechnic school for that). First positive point: there isn’t any song from the 2 first EP’s “Weekends Away” and “Movie Ending Romance”. Second good point: the songs are as good as in those 2 EP’s. Third good point: the 2 first EP’s where excellent which gives value to the second point. I red some reviews during the last weeks and the comparisons with B&S didn't convince me. Well yeah it’s true that Charles‘voice’ texture is quite close to Stuart’s and "Last Dance" is very sebastianesque, but apart from that… I’d rather link them to occasional labelmates Lucksmiths in the uptempo parts and Brighter/Harper Lee in the quieter moments, and they don’t have to blush from those parallels…


==> Math and Physics Club : Holidays and Saturdays

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