Wishing you all a very sweet new year full of great pop moments !!!

Je vous souhaite une nouvelle année pleine de petits bonheurs et de grands moments pop !!!


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Math and Physics Club


Math and Physics Club : S/T (Matinée)


This highly awaited debut album from Seattle’s latest indie sensation Math and Physics Club is very insidious and need some come-backs to perceive all its reliefs (and no need to have been in a polytechnic school for that). First positive point: there isn’t any song from the 2 first EP’s “Weekends Away” and “Movie Ending Romance”. Second good point: the songs are as good as in those 2 EP’s. Third good point: the 2 first EP’s where excellent which gives value to the second point. I red some reviews during the last weeks and the comparisons with B&S didn't convince me. Well yeah it’s true that Charles‘voice’ texture is quite close to Stuart’s and "Last Dance" is very sebastianesque, but apart from that… I’d rather link them to occasional labelmates Lucksmiths in the uptempo parts and Brighter/Harper Lee in the quieter moments, and they don’t have to blush from those parallels…


==> Math and Physics Club : Holidays and Saturdays

==> Buy HERE or HERE

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The Daisy Chain


The Daisy Chain: "Straight or Lame" (United International-1967) - Great 60's-all-songwriter-girl-bands part I

This is not the latest Stereolab e-single, this is "Zzotto" taken from "Straight of Lame", the 1967 - and only - album by The Daisy Chain, a legendary obscure female foursome from Orange County, California. This ultra-rare psych-garage album, reissued in 2005 on Sundazed Records, is proving that an all-songwriter-girl combo could do something drop-dead cool in those years,  ruled by flower power teenage boys. Rosemary, Camille, Shel Le and Dee Dee Lea have accomplished here a very weird but charming one-shot diversified project, oscillating from Soul to Garage and from Pop to Psych, and, as you can hear, the carrier waves from that seism are still being felt today...

==> The Daisy Chain : Zzotto

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Best album/EP 2006


Best album or EP  :


Could have done this in 3 parts : best indie album, best electro album and best EP, but I’m getting tired with all these charts so I’m gonna do it all at once. Ooooh, and if you’re a twee boy or girl, do not forget the traditional TweeNet Poll end-of-year reflex!!


01. Ponies in the Surf                         Ponies on Fire

This album simply deserves the top for its delicate melodies and its brilliant minimalist outline. At the era of the 0,99 € e-song and the i-pod, this handmade sleeve and  this rock-bottom price (4$) are the incontrovertible evidences that the best pop quality remains the affair of passionate people.

02. Tender Trap                                  6 Billion People

A very dense and mature work, perfectly synthesizing all Amelia Fletcher’s personal background, from Heavenly’s sonic spaces to Marine Research’ grace.

03. Love is All                                   Nine Times that same Song

The first Pop ‘n Cherries post back in April and a home fave since 2 years now. A unique saxo-saturated heady post punk sound, male choirs from beyond the grave and J.O’s transcendent sputters. The best live experience of the year and a truly classic album, recently re-released on a major !

04. The Radio Dept.                          Pet Grief

05. Cats on Fire                                 Draw in the Reins EP

06. Pipas                                           Sorry Love

07. Belle and Sebastian                      The Life Pursuit

08. Stereolab                                     Fab Four Suture

09. Little Name                                  How to Swim and Live (streamed on the web)

10. The Hit Parade                             The Return of the Hit Parade

11. Bears                                            S/T

12. The Electric Pop Group                 S/T

13. The Happy Couple                       Happy Times & Petty Crimes

14. Pants Yell                                     Recent Drama

15. Casiotone f.t.p. Alone                   Etiquette

16. Cannonball Jane                           Street Vermacular (Europe release)

17. Dominique A                                L’horizon

18. The Most Serene Republic            Phages EP + Underwater Cinematographer

19. Junior Boys                                  So this is Goodbye

20. Postal Blue                                   Road to Happiness EP

21. Mirafiori                                       No Podemo Volver a Casa

22. Momus                                         Ocky Milk

23. Destroyer                                     Destroyer’s Rubies

24. Hypo and EDH                             The correct Use of Pets

25. The Embassy                                Tacking (Worldwide release)

26. Hot Chip                                      The Warning

27. Poni Hoax                                    S/T

28. Pas/Cal                                         Dear Sir EP

29. Nathan Fake                                 Drowning in a Sea of Love

30. El Perro del Mar                           S/T

31. Holden                                         Chevrotine

32. Voxtrot                                        Mother, Sisters, Daughters and Wives EP

33. Farina                                           Allotments

34. Swan Lake                                   Beast Moans

35. Gossip                                          Standing in the Way of Control

36. All my Friends                              All my Friends get hung up

37. The Airfields                                 Laneways EP

38. Lo Fi FNK                                    Boylife

39. Math and Physics Club                 S/T

40. The Pipettes                                 We are the Pipettes

41. Orval Carlos Sibelius                    S/T

42. Dat Politics                                   Wow Twist

43. Miou Miou                                    La la grande finale

44. My Brightest Diamond                   Bring Me the Workhouse

45. Camera Obscura                          Let’s get out of this Country

46. Mates of State                              Bring it Back

47. Electroluvs                                    Bubblewrapped

48. The Long Blondes                        Someone to drive you home + EP’s

49. The Cathouse                               Bloody Hours EP

50. Peter, Bjorn and John                   Writer’s block


Must have forgotten some…

Of course, many stories to be checked in the archives…

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Best new act 2006


1. Little Name ==> mp3 : "How to Swim and Live"

2. Bears

3. The Electric Pop Group

4. All My Friends

5. Sally Shapiro

6. The Airfields

7. My Name in Lights

8. Orval Carlos Sibelius

9. The Motifs

10. The 1900’s

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Best comp. 2006


Best Compilation by Various Artists  (All genres)


1. The Kids at the Club : An Indiepop compilation (How does it Feel to be Loved)

2. The Trip - as curated by Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey (Family)

3. Chloé & Ivan Smagghe : The Dysfunctional Family (Kill the DJ)

4. CD86 : 48 Tracks from the Birth of Indiepop (Sanctuary)

5. Peachy Little Secrets (Fruit Records)

6. Blue Skies Up – Welcome to the New Pop Revolution (Dogbox Records)

7. BIPPP : French Synth-Wave 1978/85 (Born Bad)

8. Pop the Question (Book Club Records)

9. Digital Penetration (Alt/Del Records)

10. Kitsuné Maison Compilation 3 (Kitsuné)

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The Happy Couple


The Happy Couple : Happy Times & Petty Crimes compilation (Quince Records)

Thomas Hilverkus and Johanna Maier (aka Janehoney) from Germany are what we call "Music Mates", having a common love for "The Pop Moment". In 2002, they created the marvellous Félicité Single Club (with an él in it yeaahhh), releasing some stylishly packaged collector 7" with cult artists as King of Luxembourg, The Catalysts and Roy Moller.

In the same time, they formed The Happy Couple, releasing their first highly acclaimed EP "Four Seasons"on their own label. 2005 saw the release of their second EP "Fools in Love"on the lovely Matinée label (in collaboration with B&S' Stevie Jackson) and earlier this year, they recorded a third confidential "Song for the Troubadour" CDEP. This compilation on the Japanese label Quince gives us the opportunity to get the 3 EP's reunited, confirming the duo sweet tendencies for tasteful, fragile, jangly twee pop.  One of the best Xmas gifts I could imagine...



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French-speaking pop / Chanson : 2006 best


Oooh yeah it's that time of the year, and we'll start with an easy one, remembering what we loved this year in the field of french chanson, variété, french-speaking pop or whatever you call it... So, in the absence of Orwell, Watoo Watoo and Arnaud Fleurent-Didier, my choice went to :

1. Dominique A : L'horizon (Wagram)
The Master at last back in perfect shape, not too declamatory, not too pompous, just how we love him the most : mellifluous, sensitive and visionnary.

2. Holden : Chevrotine (Le Village Vert)

With this 3rd album, Holden is reaching the quintessence of ethereal, elegant, marvellously arranged timeless pop, accessing the podium of France's ever-most sophisticated pop bands.


3. Barbara Carlotti : Les lys brisés (4AD)

The Chanson Française tradition is not dead, thanks this heartbreaking woman, with her profound voice and stylish pen.

4. Aujourd'hui Madame : Des Hommes Modernes (Best Kept Secret)

Perfect catchy pop tunes in the best indie style, enclosed in an antique tape. What more do you want ?


5. Malajube : Trompe l'oeil (Dare to Care)

The Hexagone is still anxiously waiting for an innovative pop-rock act. This act already exists in...Québec, Canada. Malajube's immediate and energetic melodies kicked my ass...


The rest du meilleur :


Vanessa and the O's

La ballade d'O








Celle que vous croyez

(Dièse Productions)



Raides à la ville EP



Massimo Guadalupi

Entre deux rivages

(Trois Jeunes Tambours)



Ouh la la la



Fabien Martin

Comme un seul homme








Tant de temps

(Emma Productions)



la nuit m'attend




Cinéma enchanté



Saule et les pleureurs

Vous êtes ici

(20 février)



Que le temps passe

(En attendant)


Emilie Simon


(Barclay / Universal)


Charlotte Gainsbourg





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The Most Serene Republic


The Most Serene Republic : Underwater Cinematrographer + Phages EP (Arts & Crafts- 2006)

One great explorative debut album  (Underwater Cinematographer) and a brilliant long EP (only available on tour initially) this year are sufficient to consider MSR as one of Canada's most precious acts. While the album was exploring all directions (from Blonde Redhead to Broken Social Scene), "Phages" allows them to find their very own noisy and melodramatic sound. Stunning act to follow !

==> The Most Serene Republic - Proposition 61 (from Underwater Cinematographer)

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Comix : "Touche pas mon sexe"(1981) from BIPPP compilation, French Synth Wave 1979/85 (Born Bad Records-2006)
This short-living derisive French band, formed in 1979 by Natan Hercberg (hype parisian DJ at the end of the 70's, rubbing elbows with Novö heroes such as Mathematiques Modernes and Jacno) and André Demay (well-known guitarist notably working with Christophe) is signed in 1982 on the young Virgin label. Their only album and the  first single "Touche pas mon sexe", despite its very funny, polemist and disrespectful theme, will be a flop and  will wrongly remain confidential. Time for rehabilitation...


Featured on BIPPP : A TROIS DANS LES WC « Contagion » ACT « Ping pong » LES VISITEURS DU SOIR « je técris d'un pays » VOX DEI « Terroriste » COMIX « Touche pas mon Sexe » TGV « Partie 1 » C.K.C « 20h25 » MARIE MOOR « Pretty Day » DEUX « Game and Performance » RUTH « Polaroid Roman Photo » VITOR HUBLOT « Aller Simple » VISIBLE « Le jour se lève » CASINO MUSIC « Viol AF 015 »

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Language of Flowers


Language of Flowers : You're the One (from The Kids at the Club Compilation)

"Language of Flowers" was a song on Pale Saints' first album and is also the name of this talented outfit from UK. Their debut album on Shelflife records was one of the best 2004' discoveries and the song Tara Mascara has now become a classic indie anthem.

"You're the One" is part of the great indiepop compilation "The Kids at the Club" released some months ago on How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label. The song never sounded right to be included in the 2004 album and has been re-released many times before this final version.

This post is especially dedicated to the person who stole my laptop last week...

Language of Flowers - You're the One

Buy it HERE

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