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Glitter & Bleep : Joystick Pop (Relax Beat / Cyclo ; Released November 2006)


You probably already came across this highly influential "chip music", “lo-tech” or “8-bit pop” thing, with bands like YMCK, Dat Politics or Crystal Castles, grounding on vintage console games’sounds. If you’ve not been caught by the genre yet, well, this is the one for you ! “Joystick Pop” is a project from Relax Beat label (also at the origin of the similar “Boy Playground” comp back in 2003) bringing together very talented acts from the European scene, and it is purely OVERWHELMING !!! You’ll find higgledy-piggledy the ghosts of your son’s Game Boy, The Human League, your first PC aka commodore 64, Depeche Mode’s Speak & Spell and Pacman,... all this wrapped in a very very poppy atmosphere ... Back to your childhood musical feelings !!!


Artists featured : Tobiah, The Hardliner, Koro Osanago, Mr Osbyte, T&J, Slabb, Komatrohn, Der Tante Renate


==> Komatrohn : Weekend


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Tobiah : "I Love your Music" video

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Wow j'avais écouté des morceaux de Komatrohn avant, mais c'etait loin de ressembler à de la pop...

merci pour ce morceau!

Écrit par : gee | 04/01/2007

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