Roy Moller


Roy Moller : Speak When I'm Spoken To (Book Club Records - Nov 2006)

Scottish fellow Roy Moller has been a long time faithful Belle and Sebastian collaborator on some Stevie Jackson’s own-penned songs and has also appeared with The Happy Couple recently. We met him for the first time as a solo artist with his great “Maximum Smile” 7” single on the Félicité Single Club in 2003, followed in 2005 by a very limited 8” on Heliotone and a 3 titles 7” EP called “Fermez la bouche” on beloved Pickled Egg label.

Time now for the debut full length, released in November on Aussie label Book Club Records with…Stevie Jackson as co-producer and both B&S members Stevie J. and Bob Kildea also credited as musicians.

The inspiration here is not to be found in any old or recent Scottish scene : melodies, harmonies and choruses are clearly 60’s California Coast influenced, at times also reminiscent of the Kinks… while instrumentation and sounds sometimes send back to good old british psychedelic works. Great job from a very gifted and unconventional artist!! Buy it HERE (couldn’t find it in any mailorder yet)!!


==> Roy Moller : Maximum Smile

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