Montgolfier Brothers vs Soft Verdict


The actual reason for which I needed to disinter this 2005’Montgolfier Brothers’ EP from the shelf was a mystery to me until I heard the first chords of song n°2 “Bridestones Revisited”! It’s just the perfect reflection of the following “Les Disques du Crépuscule” video I was hunting yesterday on You Tube :


Soft Verdict : “Close Cover” video (1983)


22 years between those 2 songs and this purely ironic title “Close Cover”…Roger Quigley vs Wim Mertens…Vespertine vs Crepuscule…What a remarkable unsuspected filiation ! And again, like yesterday, this sweet melancholy deep down in my heart...


==> The Montgolfier Brothers : "Bridestones revisited"

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