Ananda Shankar


Ananda Shankar and his Music (EMI India 1975 - Fallout 2006)


Ananda (1942-1999) is certainly not the most famous member of the Shankar Family : his uncle Ravi is the best-known Indian instrumentalist-sitarist of all time and his cousin is nobody less than jazz-country-soul singer/songwriter Norah Jones. However, this man maybe was the most innovative, brilliant and visionary Indian musician ever !!! His main achievement is to have broken the traditions and fused western and eastern music, giving it a touch of timeless universality… His very hard to find “India only” 1975 album “Ananda Shankar and his Music” is regarded as his masterpiece. The liner notes say “A dizzying blend of pounding funk beats, sitar, rock guitar, tabla and Moog synthesizer, alongside mellower, classically influenced tunes…a psych-funk classic”. This killer album is at last reedited on Fallout Records and you can’t spend the rest of your life ignoring it… Buy it HERE or HERE


==> Ananda Shankar : Dancing Drums

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Superbe! Great masterpiece indeed. His cover of Jumping Jack Flash is incredible, right up there with the Cowboy Junkies' Wild Horses (pretty different register though...)

Un p'tit merci de Montreal.


Écrit par : citadin | 03/02/2007

Hey cherries,

you should check out Lord Sitar too, avery much along the same lines, sitar+tabla covers, they have a nice one of the Who's I Can See For Miles.


Écrit par : citadin | 03/02/2007

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