Soda Fountain Rag


Soda Fountain Rag : "Qui a besoin d'une voiture ?" (Anorak records)

Happy to see french label Anorak back in action with a collection of brand new releases announced ! And the first of the series is this bitterly charming 5 titles EP by Norwegian act Soda Fountain Rag. Well, not strictly speaking a band, more a one-girl project ! Her name is Ragnhild Hogstad Jordal and she's concocting the utmost thrilling bedroom-pop you could figure out ! All the scores selected here are true smacks, between 60's standards, K records and digital europop, the whole coated with innate qualities of bright songwriting !!! Do not miss this !!!!

==> Soda Fountain Rag : "Who needs a Car"

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