The Dreamers (Where is Mr Wright ?)


One week ago I received a Myspace friend request from a new Anglo/Swedish project called "The Dreamers". I checked it out and first heard a nice women voice on a kind of Bossa Nova song called "A place I know", well, quite good stuff ! Reading a little further I discovered the band members’ names: Sarah Nyberg Pergament (ex Action Biker…fine !) and Kevin Wright. What ? K..e...v..i...n   W...r..:i...g...h...t ? Is this the Twilight Zone ? Well, no, this is the Earth, we're in 2007 and the real Mr Wright, my all-time "él" pop hero, formely known as "Always" is sending ME a friend request !!!


From all "él records" legendary artists (King of Luxembourg, Would-be-goods, Louis Philippe, Momus, ...), “Always” is, to my eyes, the one who sticked the most to él philosophy : strangeness, lyricism, extreme triviality, fantasy and elegance !!! His 1988 album “Thames Valley Leather Club” is a pure underrated masterpiece, a baroque blend of post punk arty introspection and Postcard-style magical jangly guitars !!!…His recent career as Mr Wright is also a superb accomplishment with several great essays on Le Grand Magistery and Siesta Records (Metropolitan in 2004), the latter enclosing such an instant classic as the delectable “Anna Karina”. More to be announced soon on The Dreamers !!!

==> Always - Amateur Detection (él records -1988) ==> Buy it HERE

==> Mr Wright - Anna Karina (siesta - 2004) ==> Buy it HERE

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