The Electric Pop Group


The Electric Pop Group : S/T (No label)


This CD cover could be suitable for the next “Best New Act” @ the next “Brit Awards”, a sort of NME hip’ band you’ll need to listen to, well there is some truth in that statement !!  Brit Awards and NME not yet ! But hype almost, and you need to listen to it…of course ! On the menu here naïve guitar pop, candour à gogo and simple-minded lyrics…The contemporary Swedish response to Another Sunny Day


-”I’m in Love with a Girl who doesn’t know I exist”! What should I do ?

-“She’s playing with your heart”, “Walk away”!

- I think she’s my “Popgirly”, “the Centre of my Little World”, she’s “Sweeter than the Rest”

-“What’s happened to you my dearest Friend ?”

- I’d like her to “Turn me on” but, frankly speaking, ”I don’t suppose I’ll get a Second Chance”

-“Why can’t you ?”


- Do not worry, one day maybe, “Things will be nice” ! Meanwhile, buy this HERE


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