The Boyfriends


The Boyfriends : S/T (Boobytrap)

Being the very first band ever to play on the new Glastonburry "John Peel Stage" is a true honour and being picked by Morrissey to join him on his European Tour must be a quite revealing experience... Massively praised by UK music press recently, here are The Boyfriends with their first eponym full length, released 3 months ago on Boobytrap. Despite a one-track minded overall feeling, the band succeeds in providing remarkable 80's mancunian style pop, with Martin-Moz-Wallace parodic voice and huge Hook-a-like basslines...romanticism, sophistication, melodrama...

==> The Boyfriends : No Tomorrow

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Effectivement, c'est pas mal du tout!

Écrit par : Jonathan | 30/01/2007

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