Busch : S/T EP (Marsh-Marigold Records 1994)

German language has never been an easy one to accommodate with gentle guitar pop. A direct evidence is that nearly all great german indie acts (Bartlebees, Legendary Bang, Pop Tarts, Jesterbells…and later Brideshead, Den Baron…) always did/do it in English. The most significant exceptions to this rule were Die 5 Freunde and Busch, both on the cult german label Marsh Marigold back at the beginning of the 90’s. The latter was even regarded by many magazines as the “German response to the Smiths”. Well, the truth is not so caricatural than that, Busch (text and music by one man, Kreuder) is merely the most subtle, refined and sophisticated act Germany has ever generated !!! Their first 94 eponym EP and their following 96 debut LP “Entsetzlich” both border on the miraculous !!! They reappeared six years later with their excellent second LP “Bossa Nova” on Apricot records and… no tangible news since then…


=> Catch them up HERE , HERE or directly at the record labels

=> Busch : Angeklagt

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un de mes ep préférés, toutes catégories confondues ! une des seules réussites que je connaisse, en chant allemand ! mélodies surnaturelles, souffle, sensibilité ... j'ai eu la chance de voir busch sur scène ! est ce qu'il a sorti des choses, récemment ?

Écrit par : guillaume | 04/02/2007

Waw, quelle chance de les avoir vus ! Tant qu'on parle de Marsh-Marigold, à quand le site Myspace de Caramel ??

Écrit par : Pop 'n Cherries | 04/02/2007

I just love Busch, and this EP is especially great! They are the German Smiths. :-) Too bad they didn't release anyhting over the last years...

Écrit par : Peter | 05/02/2007

New CD The new Busch CD will be released this year!

Écrit par : Shut | 26/02/2008

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