Deux : Agglomerat (Recordings from 1982 to 1992)

"You can be someone - If you grow with me  - Your simple Song  - Is something else  - You simulated  - Your love for me  - You can be someone  - If you grow with me"

That's how I heard Deux and their Ersatz Audio-sounding  "Game and Performance" for the first time thanks to the recent BIPPP (french synth wave 1979/85) compilation. The coïncidence being that the french wave duo was about to resurrect in December 2006 through this restrospective album "Agglomerat" featuring material for the first time on CD ! Everything is in it : Kraftwerk, Deutsche Welle, french synth pop...Those songs "could have change the world but didn't". How they never reached more consideration at the time remains a mystery to me...

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==> Deux : Game and Performance

==> Felicita video :

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