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1) California Snow Story : "Suddenly Everything happens" virtual single (Letterbox Records - 01/07)

Honor to whom honor is due, after 5 years of silence, this is the long awaited come-back from David Skirving (founder member of Camera Obscura) with a brand new singer Sandra (ex Superété). Although it's very difficult to make any practical link with the 2002 Shelflife release, it does sound fucking brilliant ! The album "Close to the Ocean"is due later this year on Plastilina / Letterbox and we can't wait any longer...

2) Popup : Chinese Burn 7" (Art Goes Pop - 01/07)


We've been conquered several months ago by their first speedy-jangly single "Lucy What you're trying to say" and this new one is even more up-beat with great punky guitars and shouts à la Ruts or early Killing Joke...Pogo à gogo !!!

3) Butcher Boy : Girls make me sick single (How does it feel to be loved -12/02/07)


We met the boys on the "Kids at the Club" compilation and this is their debut single on the very same label "How does it feel to be loved". The debut album "Profit in your Poetry" is due on March 5. Arthur Lee's heritage with early REM reminiscence. They're annouced live at the London Luminaire on 17th of April with Cats on Fire !!!

4) The Hermit Crabs : Feel Good Factor EP (Matinée-01/07)


Melanie Whittle and Des Mc Kenna are former California Snow Story so is this how CSS could have sound like today if they had not been put "on hold" ? Not exactly cos' CSS is more the David Skirving affair ! The truth is this wonderful debut EP on Matinée is carressing our eardrums since several weeks now and is really sounding like early Camera Obscura. Album out in spring 2007.

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