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Pas chic chic : First demo

Wow ! Can't believe what I'm hearing and can't believe it's in French ! Pas chic chic is a new band from Montreal having a similar kind of guitar-bass-korg 60's sound I locked on to with Birdie or Call and Response for example. Very astounding when you're told some of band members (Eric Gingras and Roger Tellier-Craig) are notably from well-known post-rock outfits Godspeed You ! Black Emperor and  Fly Pan Am !! Could we call this "Post-pop" ? "Pas chic chic is the spaces between spaces, where particles writhe in different directions at the same time". That augurs well for the future...

==> Pas chic chic : Sur les écrans statiques

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I saw them live two months ago at the panpot.ca launch fest (a new online pop zine based in Montreal), they sounded pretty good. Great venue too.

You would also like my favorite Canadian band, the Breastfeeders, who are a bit more garagey, they have several great songs from their first two albums that would fit quite nicely in your jukebox, particularly those sung by Suzy, like "L' Existence Précède La Diésel" and "Où Allez-Vous Si Vite?", songs that are far better than their singles. Check them out!

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