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The Orchids : Good to be a Stranger (Siesta)

The Orchids are a special case in the Sarah Records family. Starting at the end of the 80’s with a series of singles and 2 albums (Lyceum 1989+ Unholy Soul 1991) featuring the finest Felt/Weather Prophets/Postcard influenced pop, they finished with an almost progressive-dance album “Striving for the lazy Perfection” in 1994 which, despite some summits, didn’t quite fit with the initial Orchids’ spirit. Their career ended with the 28/08/95 Sarah Farewell Party gig…and a certain feeling of incompleteness…


Then in 2005 came the rumour of the Glaswegians’ rebirth, which I didn’t really believe in until I came across the new song “Another Saturday Night” on the “Little Darla has a Treat for you vol. 24”. Well, folks, the new album  “Good to be a Stranger” is not a mirage and is coming out officially on March 5th on Siesta records. Ten mature and consistent folk-pop ballads reminiscent of latest Go-Betweens works, with lightweight gentle guitars and some female backings… Well worth following them in their -hopefully long- second life…


Do not miss them on March 2nd at the London Luminaire and get the chance to pick the first copies of the album ! Already available on emusic !!!

==> The Orchids : I need you to believe in me

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I AM ROBOT AND PROUD - The Catch & Spring Summer Autumn Winter CD (Darla)


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