Hermine : Torture (7" - Salomé Discs 1980)

Hermine Demoriane set up in the tradition of the French punk/no wave divas Lizzy Mercier Descloux & Cristina Monet, unclassifiable, more interpreters than singers... “Torture” was her 1980 debut single, produced by David Cunningham from Flying Lizards... I’m so addicted to the emotional strain of this song…Her voice is so vulnerable…

Hermine’s works have been reedited in 2006 on LTM Records. Especially recommended is the mini-album “The World on my Plates”, originally released on Crammed Discs in 1982.

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MERCI magnifique choix musical merci joebassin

Écrit par : JOEBASSIN | 22/02/2007

One of the greatest music blogs I've seen ...

I'll always envy you :)

Écrit par : Mirah | 26/02/2007

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