The Sunny Street


The Sunny Street : "They hurt you everyday + Rainy hearts EP" (Lavender)

Some may remember with sparkling eyes the very short and charming debut album “We sang a yeye song” by Electrophönvintage released 2 years ago on Unique Records. At the time, the french band, carefully driven by singer-songwriter Rémi Parson, was a new bright ray of light in the cloudy sky of shimmering and naive guitar pop “made in France”…

The Sunny Street is the new side project of  Rémi, now based in London with singer Delphine. “They hurt you everyday + Rainy Hearts EP”, released in January on Swedish label Lavender Records, is composed of 12 tiny adorable pop moments, designed in a more introspective, synthetic, pastoral and emotional manner, reminiscent of latest Bobby Wratten essays, wrapping you up instantly in a melancholic mood...

==> The Sunny Street : Greasy Crisps

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Couldn’t resist to ask Rémi some questions:

 So,  is "The Sunny Street" a short-lived project ?

TSS was born as a kind of recreation during this impatient summer before we went to Britain but then everything started gathering pace: Andreas from Lavender offered us to release a record and now we are planning gigs, maybe another record… We're so lucky, this little spontaneous career is really nice.


Tell us more about this departure , this breaking off and this dream which seems to have inspired you , giving a solemn and melancholic tone to your compositions, compared to Electrophönvintage…

Last year, Delphine was finishing her studies and I had found nothing but a job in a factory, so our English dream came back stronger than ever with nothing holding us back anymore. "They Hurt You Everyday" allowed us to sort our feelings out, sad and cheerful, before going for it!  Things were really jostling together, to say the least!


Was it obvious for you that these songs could be sung by no-one else but Delphine ?

My first song was instrumental, I didn't feel like singing and I thought Delphine would tell me, with some reason, it was no use keeping on doing projects …

But as we listened, we found it very different, it had its own sensitivity. So Delphine joined me and her voice made everything clear, the project was now making sense and the songs were created in no time.


What is your secret to render in such a good way this string sound on some titles, despite your "bedroom" configuration?

I cobbled up and my computer suffered from it. I recorded the guitars and the voices with the small microphone on the screen and the rest with a cheap software with these strings sounds …I found them very moving because they sounded imposing and fake at the same time. It was a quite sad combination, I think, and it was what I was looking for. I superimposed several layers. As I was not in a hurry, I tried to work harder than I used to, to pay more attention to details. In the end, I was surprised it all didn't sound too cheap!!


Is there any chance for a second album by Electrophönvintage to be released this year?

I'm afraid it won't happen this year unfortunately. We've met people in London who were interested, it is going slowly.  Wait and see …! It is nearly finished anyway and we love it…        


Big thanks to Rémi and Eve 

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chewy... chewy pop but worth listening !

Écrit par : deras | 28/02/2007

Great post. I've been wondering for a while what Electrophonvintage had been up to. Now I'll have to check this out. thanks!

Écrit par : salvatore | 01/03/2007

Je vous approuve pour votre exercice. c'est un vrai charge d'écriture. Développez .

Écrit par : serrurier paris | 12/09/2014

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