The Sunny Street


The Sunny Street : "They hurt you everyday + Rainy hearts EP" (Lavender)

Some may remember with sparkling eyes the very short and charming debut album “We sang a yeye song” by Electrophönvintage released 2 years ago on Unique Records. At the time, the french band, carefully driven by singer-songwriter Rémi Parson, was a new bright ray of light in the cloudy sky of shimmering and naive guitar pop “made in France”…

The Sunny Street is the new side project of  Rémi, now based in London with singer Delphine. “They hurt you everyday + Rainy Hearts EP”, released in January on Swedish label Lavender Records, is composed of 12 tiny adorable pop moments, designed in a more introspective, synthetic, pastoral and emotional manner, reminiscent of latest Bobby Wratten essays, wrapping you up instantly in a melancholic mood...

==> The Sunny Street : Greasy Crisps

==> Buy it HERE or HERE


Couldn’t resist to ask Rémi some questions:

 So,  is "The Sunny Street" a short-lived project ?

TSS was born as a kind of recreation during this impatient summer before we went to Britain but then everything started gathering pace: Andreas from Lavender offered us to release a record and now we are planning gigs, maybe another record… We're so lucky, this little spontaneous career is really nice.


Tell us more about this departure , this breaking off and this dream which seems to have inspired you , giving a solemn and melancholic tone to your compositions, compared to Electrophönvintage…

Last year, Delphine was finishing her studies and I had found nothing but a job in a factory, so our English dream came back stronger than ever with nothing holding us back anymore. "They Hurt You Everyday" allowed us to sort our feelings out, sad and cheerful, before going for it!  Things were really jostling together, to say the least!


Was it obvious for you that these songs could be sung by no-one else but Delphine ?

My first song was instrumental, I didn't feel like singing and I thought Delphine would tell me, with some reason, it was no use keeping on doing projects …

But as we listened, we found it very different, it had its own sensitivity. So Delphine joined me and her voice made everything clear, the project was now making sense and the songs were created in no time.


What is your secret to render in such a good way this string sound on some titles, despite your "bedroom" configuration?

I cobbled up and my computer suffered from it. I recorded the guitars and the voices with the small microphone on the screen and the rest with a cheap software with these strings sounds …I found them very moving because they sounded imposing and fake at the same time. It was a quite sad combination, I think, and it was what I was looking for. I superimposed several layers. As I was not in a hurry, I tried to work harder than I used to, to pay more attention to details. In the end, I was surprised it all didn't sound too cheap!!


Is there any chance for a second album by Electrophönvintage to be released this year?

I'm afraid it won't happen this year unfortunately. We've met people in London who were interested, it is going slowly.  Wait and see …! It is nearly finished anyway and we love it…        


Big thanks to Rémi and Eve 

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Hermine : Torture (7" - Salomé Discs 1980)

Hermine Demoriane set up in the tradition of the French punk/no wave divas Lizzy Mercier Descloux & Cristina Monet, unclassifiable, more interpreters than singers... “Torture” was her 1980 debut single, produced by David Cunningham from Flying Lizards... I’m so addicted to the emotional strain of this song…Her voice is so vulnerable…

Hermine’s works have been reedited in 2006 on LTM Records. Especially recommended is the mini-album “The World on my Plates”, originally released on Crammed Discs in 1982.

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The Orchids


The Orchids : Good to be a Stranger (Siesta)

The Orchids are a special case in the Sarah Records family. Starting at the end of the 80’s with a series of singles and 2 albums (Lyceum 1989+ Unholy Soul 1991) featuring the finest Felt/Weather Prophets/Postcard influenced pop, they finished with an almost progressive-dance album “Striving for the lazy Perfection” in 1994 which, despite some summits, didn’t quite fit with the initial Orchids’ spirit. Their career ended with the 28/08/95 Sarah Farewell Party gig…and a certain feeling of incompleteness…


Then in 2005 came the rumour of the Glaswegians’ rebirth, which I didn’t really believe in until I came across the new song “Another Saturday Night” on the “Little Darla has a Treat for you vol. 24”. Well, folks, the new album  “Good to be a Stranger” is not a mirage and is coming out officially on March 5th on Siesta records. Ten mature and consistent folk-pop ballads reminiscent of latest Go-Betweens works, with lightweight gentle guitars and some female backings… Well worth following them in their -hopefully long- second life…


Do not miss them on March 2nd at the London Luminaire and get the chance to pick the first copies of the album ! Already available on emusic !!!

==> The Orchids : I need you to believe in me

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Pas chic chic


Pas chic chic : First demo

Wow ! Can't believe what I'm hearing and can't believe it's in French ! Pas chic chic is a new band from Montreal having a similar kind of guitar-bass-korg 60's sound I locked on to with Birdie or Call and Response for example. Very astounding when you're told some of band members (Eric Gingras and Roger Tellier-Craig) are notably from well-known post-rock outfits Godspeed You ! Black Emperor and  Fly Pan Am !! Could we call this "Post-pop" ? "Pas chic chic is the spaces between spaces, where particles writhe in different directions at the same time". That augurs well for the future...

==> Pas chic chic : Sur les écrans statiques

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Glasgow Tribune

1) California Snow Story : "Suddenly Everything happens" virtual single (Letterbox Records - 01/07)

Honor to whom honor is due, after 5 years of silence, this is the long awaited come-back from David Skirving (founder member of Camera Obscura) with a brand new singer Sandra (ex Superété). Although it's very difficult to make any practical link with the 2002 Shelflife release, it does sound fucking brilliant ! The album "Close to the Ocean"is due later this year on Plastilina / Letterbox and we can't wait any longer...

2) Popup : Chinese Burn 7" (Art Goes Pop - 01/07)


We've been conquered several months ago by their first speedy-jangly single "Lucy What you're trying to say" and this new one is even more up-beat with great punky guitars and shouts à la Ruts or early Killing Joke...Pogo à gogo !!!

3) Butcher Boy : Girls make me sick single (How does it feel to be loved -12/02/07)


We met the boys on the "Kids at the Club" compilation and this is their debut single on the very same label "How does it feel to be loved". The debut album "Profit in your Poetry" is due on March 5. Arthur Lee's heritage with early REM reminiscence. They're annouced live at the London Luminaire on 17th of April with Cats on Fire !!!

4) The Hermit Crabs : Feel Good Factor EP (Matinée-01/07)


Melanie Whittle and Des Mc Kenna are former California Snow Story so is this how CSS could have sound like today if they had not been put "on hold" ? Not exactly cos' CSS is more the David Skirving affair ! The truth is this wonderful debut EP on Matinée is carressing our eardrums since several weeks now and is really sounding like early Camera Obscura. Album out in spring 2007.

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Deux : Agglomerat (Recordings from 1982 to 1992)

"You can be someone - If you grow with me  - Your simple Song  - Is something else  - You simulated  - Your love for me  - You can be someone  - If you grow with me"

That's how I heard Deux and their Ersatz Audio-sounding  "Game and Performance" for the first time thanks to the recent BIPPP (french synth wave 1979/85) compilation. The coïncidence being that the french wave duo was about to resurrect in December 2006 through this restrospective album "Agglomerat" featuring material for the first time on CD ! Everything is in it : Kraftwerk, Deutsche Welle, french synth pop...Those songs "could have change the world but didn't". How they never reached more consideration at the time remains a mystery to me...

==> Buy it HERE !!!

==> Deux : Game and Performance

==> Felicita video :

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The Postmarks

Silky-smooth classy easy pop topped with Tim Yehezkely’s fondling crystalline vocals and scrupulously produced by Andy Chase (Ivy, Brookville, Tahiti 80). Officially released on 6th February. Even your mother will love it !!!! Stream it HERE !!!

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Busch : S/T EP (Marsh-Marigold Records 1994)

German language has never been an easy one to accommodate with gentle guitar pop. A direct evidence is that nearly all great german indie acts (Bartlebees, Legendary Bang, Pop Tarts, Jesterbells…and later Brideshead, Den Baron…) always did/do it in English. The most significant exceptions to this rule were Die 5 Freunde and Busch, both on the cult german label Marsh Marigold back at the beginning of the 90’s. The latter was even regarded by many magazines as the “German response to the Smiths”. Well, the truth is not so caricatural than that, Busch (text and music by one man, Kreuder) is merely the most subtle, refined and sophisticated act Germany has ever generated !!! Their first 94 eponym EP and their following 96 debut LP “Entsetzlich” both border on the miraculous !!! They reappeared six years later with their excellent second LP “Bossa Nova” on Apricot records and… no tangible news since then…


=> Catch them up HERE , HERE or directly at the record labels

=> Busch : Angeklagt

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