Liechtenstein : Stalking Skills 7" (Fraction Discs)

After the splendid "Draw in the Reins" EP from Cats on Fire, this is the third proper release for Fraction Discs as a label, officially out on 7th of March. Liechtenstein is an all-girl swedish band comprised of Renée, Elin, Teresa and Naemi. Renée has done some live shows with Swedish indie-tronica act Compute, playing the synthesizer and singing. Teresa is also making electro together with Otur, and Elin, the drummer, has played in various punk bands in the past...They've played together for about a year now, and Elin only joined the band in the early autumn 2006, so it's Tammy (playing with Jens Lekman) who has recorded the drums for the single.  

The very C86 "Stalking Skills", which must be in everybody's favourites' lists by now, is a true smash hit, but the 2 other songs are beyond all my expectations : "Cravings" is recalling the best Aislers Set' songwriting and "Fallen Heroes" is so...Heavenliesque...

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I'm anxious to receive this 7", I love Stalking Skills and I hope the other two songs are so good as you says. I think they're as brilliant as The Shop Assitants were...

Écrit par : alex | 06/03/2007

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